Tag Team Cabreiroá Pro Zarautz, Basque Country, presented by Oakley,

Credit: @CraigKolesky

Una de las actividades destacadas dentro del Cabreiroá Pro Zarautz, Basque Country, presented by Oakley, será el Tag Team, una de las competiciones por equipos formados por cuatro o cinco surfistas y cuyas reglas son las siguientes:



  • Teams are made up of Four/ Five surfers
  • Surfers may be replaced/substituted in separate rounds.
  1.  Each surfer must commence from behind a designated start line / area near the shoreline.
  2.  The team order of surfing must be given to the Contest Director (CD) prior to the start of the heat.
  3.  This may not be changed after it has been given to the CD.
  4.  A surfer may only surf once in each round.
  5.  Each surfer may catch a maximum of two (2) waves.
  6.  Both rides count and there is no need to raise arms and “claim” either ride.
  7.  There is no power surfer in the tag event.
  8.  Once a surfer has had two (2) rides they MUST return to their designated and make contact with the next surfer on the roster.
  9.  Heat length will be a minimum of forty minutes.
  10.  The CD designates the start line, which is usually in front of the team boxes/area.
  11.  SSA Interference Rules apply. If interference has been scored, the team’s next surfer must wait the time penalty

in the team box after the surfer in the water has made contact with him/her. This surfer will incur a three (3) minute time penalty.

In the case of the interfering surfer being the last team member, the team’s set time will be reduced by the time penalty.

  1. If there is an interference the surfer who has had their scoring potential hindered will be allocated an extra ride.

The surfer will be notified of the option of the replacement wave by public address announcement.

  1.  Surfers may release their surfboard at the water’s edge when returning to their box.
  2.  All team members are required to stay within the team box wearing their contest vests for the duration of each heat unless there

are extreme weather conditions or there is an injury or illness. Only the CD may make the decision to relax this rule.

Five Point Penalties:

  • Surfer competes out of turn
  • Surfer leaves the box before the siren or during the heat without permission from the Contest Director
  • Surfer tags outside of the box
  • Tagging Surfer does not make contact with next surfer
  • Surfer removes his official contest vest during event
  • Non completion of required number of scoring waves within time


Other Penalties

  • Surfer catches more than official wave limit: 5-point penalty for each extra wave
  • Interference: 3-minute penalty for next surfer or added to final Team time
  • Team surfer substitutes for another team member & surfs twice: TEAM DISQUALIFICATION.



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